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Stories from Freedom Forum 2023
Testify: Memoir as a Tool for Movement Building

The Age of Legality by Kris Janvier

1300 words

We Are Just Travelers by Breisi Juárez

200 words

I Cannot be Scared Anymore by Medjina Chery

500 words

Barbie's "PERFECT" Life by Astrid Lopez

700 words

My Body is Here, but my Soul is Beyond There by Guadalupe Ortiz Telica

900 words

My Journey a rap by Christopher Bares Alfaro

600 words

My Memories by Leslie Juarez Martinez

700 words

A Glimmer of Hope by Keiry Fuentes

600 words

Stand by Me by Rosena Petit Homme

1200 words

Warrior's Blood by Hannah Solis

1000 words

Shape of My Heart by Renata Anqa

500 words

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