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Herstory Across the Curriculum

Chapter I: Preparing to Do the Work

Chapter II: Let the Workshop Begin

Chapter III: Stories in Evolution

Chapter IV: The Light on the Opposite Shore

Chapter V: Herstory Across the Curriculum

Chapter VI: Counselors Corner

Working with our young heroes

What can the stories of young heroes teach the rest of us? Can they help keep our country a welcoming place?

In order to set the mood, we invite you to watch this wonderful video made by a student in Uniondale High School's Newcomer Summer Academy, in which he turned his story into a rap.

Mi Travesia

In search of opportunity
I introduce myself here
For those who don't know me

I usually call myself crispy with the c
Now I'm
almost a Mc

I come to tell a story for you

I want to ask you a favor
Let them respect the moment and pay attention
Because there is an expedition
that came from my heart

I was 13
Son, a better future, you deserve it
Dad told me, you're going with your brother, what do you think?
I knew that the sadness of my dad and mom grows

I didn't want us to be far away
I told him that we would give him a hand
And that I was leaving because I didn't want him to be just my brother because I had never been
separated from him.

Things got tense when they told me that truth
It was very hard for everyone because we didn't want to separate.
They wanted our futures better and that's why I'm not going to waste it.

And the walk began
There were many moments and cold nights
It was hard but destiny had prepared that for us.
But with great courage we remained
This is how we live

Well we crossed the first border
And I say to my brother
Ivan, every time we move my heart races. Spring had already passed, it was winter and we were still
passing the quarries.

We were all migrating together, it was a side
From people who came in taxis passing through all the streets of Mexico, moments when we were
chatting then they said Immigration is looking for us
And everyone in the group found us and walked away.

They arrested more than 5 people
5 people and more who could not fulfill the American dream
because the news arrived that they had been deported

At that moment I felt very terrified.
Because if they caught both of us
He was going to deport us back to El Salvador
And I also wanted mom and dad to be better.

Well, thank God we arrived at immigration
Another section and another situation
We put our fingerprints and registered
We called the family and told them with great emotion

The days passed
A fucking immigration officer told me that nothing would come of it, as if he would care
I didn't tell him anything and that anger would take me

In immigration we made many friends
I was still thinking they were enemies
But relax they were only other witnesses to the things that happened on their way

They said our Christopher and Iván
Prepare yourselves because you’re leaving now
You’re going to your house, home
They told us they would give us clothes and how well they’re going to treat us

What they said was right
They gave us medical tests to see if we were sick
I soon talked to a counselor and told her that I had been through a desert
I thought it was a dream and I simply wanted to wake up

11 days had passed and we were going on our way
For the first time I rode a plane and saw the scenery
We saw this sunset that for me was a tribute
Now I just had to make an effort to pay the fare

I arrived in New York and started studying.
It was December when I decided to improvise
From my room I started training
I do it okay but I need much more

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