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Herstory Across the Curriculum

Chapter I: Preparing to Do the Work

Chapter II: Let the Workshop Begin

Chapter III: Stories in Evolution

Chapter IV: The Light on the Opposite Shore

Chapter V: Herstory Across the Curriculum

Chapter VI: Counselors Corner

Herstory Across the Curriculum

Social Studies


Using Student Memoir to Illuminate Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings

Chapter V, Part C: Social Studies


Defining Your Goals

How do I set up my classroom?

What is the first day like with Herstory?

What is the ultimate goal/purpose?

In many school districts, there is a legitimate concern about whether introducing guided memoir into Regents-track classes/into working across the curriculum is going to slow down student performance.

It has been our experience that connecting the dots, making history and current events deeply relevant to the students' own experience, accelerates their progress.

  • Are you a teacher of a special class for seniors examining the beginning of civilization and its demise? How can you connect the stories of the students living at a time where whole civilizations are crumbling?

  • Are you a teacher of _____ studying industrialization? How will you connect student

  • Are you a teacher of ninth grade global studies who _____

  • Are you a teacher of fifth graders studying ____. How can you connect

  • Are you a teacher of _______ who ______

  • Are you a ______ who ______

Establishing a Benchmark for the Success of the Program

Developing an agenda for the first day

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